The Power of Networking

Last week the entire team at P1 Learning had the opportunity to attend the NAB's Radio Show in Dallas, Texas. It was a great event showcasing the best of radio along with providing insight on...

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Tailor Your Pitch

Lets face it… each department within your organization is crucial to succeed. Without the management team you wouldn’t have goals to shoot for, without the accounting department you wouldn’t get...

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Spring Cleaning

Every year I get ahead of steam to spring clean. Now that I am an empty nester, I found that in past years I was cleaning up kid junk. As you can imagine, now my house stays pretty organized....

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Learn to Speak Retail

RPM, otherwise known as Retail Profitability Model, will teach you how to view marketing through your customer’s eyes.

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The Dreaded Close

When I received the call from the RAB’s John Potter asking me to speak along with seven other sales trainers at this year’s NAB Radio Show, I was excited to participate.

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