Are You Struggling To Hire?

One of the most common things that we hear form our clients has to do finding quality talent to fill roles at the station level. Of course, the reasons why vary from station to station, but what...

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Don't Get Ghosted!

There is a trend happening lately in companies called "ghosting" that's shaping the way companies are hiring and onboarding employees. What is ghosting you might ask? You've come to the right...
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4 Tips to Find Your Next New Hire

Finding quality people is getting harder and harder these days. With unemployment at all time lows, you need to think outside the box when building your employment bench. Simply placing an ad...
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5 Tips to Hiring Right

Wouldn't it be great if there was a stork that delivered outstanding new sales people to your office? Well, don't hurt your neck looking up!

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How To Find Quality Sellers

One of the most common challenges we hear is how hard it is to find quality sales people. This is a common issue, not just to media as competition to hire talented sellers is fierce across all...

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Recruit, Hire, Train, Retain

What is the #1 complaint we hear? "Great sales people are impossible to find!"

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